Pop - Jovie Jovv ft. Bey T

Oct. 1, 2019

One of our favorite Shrap artists, Jovie Jovv dropped "Pop" featuring the firecracker-rap queen, Bey T. Produced by ORIEDO40, the beat goes hard. Listening to this jam I feel like I should be driving slow with my hand out the window in a vintage car with the top down; inappropriately dressed in a fur coat in the middle of December. Throw in some diamonds and a tumbler of something smooth and in my head I have become the OG this beat is making me believe I am. Basically, it has me feeling like that nigga.

Miss Bey T can do no wrong, like she says Yung Bey T speak that truth. Perhaps dropping us a hint of the heat she was about to bring on Kartel 3? She kills this verse taking this Jovie Jovv joint a notch higher with her effortless flow and sick bars. Jovie Jovv is right up there with her, wanting anyone trying to compete with him to come correct, Jovie ndiyo unadai kufikia tebu chapa tizi. These two give us a joint that is reminiscent of fire and ice. Bey T brings an ice cold flow while Jovie stays steady dropping the heat. This is one of those gems you didn't know you needed until it came your way and we're here for it.

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