April 8, 2020

All Eyes On Nyashinski As Fans Gear Up For A Taste Of "Lucky You"

It almost feels like we've been cooped up inside for years and with an end to social distancing and self-isolation nowhere in sight, it may start to feel like we're losing our minds. With no concerts or events going down anytime soon, our hankering for live music would remain unsated. However, we are thankful to have been blessed with artists that have made this quarantine period a whole lot more entertaining thanks to their online live concerts with the most recent live concert set to be hosted by none other than the legendary, Nyashinski.

Arguably one of the biggest comebacks of the decade in Kenyan music, Nyashinski made a return to the Kenyan music scene after a hiatus that left many heartbroken over the separation of the beloved Kenyan Kapuka music group, Kleptomaniax. His return to music was legendary, to say the least, as the musician came back guns-blazing with hits such as Marathon Runner and Free. After giving us numerous hits, Nyashinski is finally blessing fans with what they have been yearning for, his highly anticipated album, Lucky You. Fans can expect the album to be delivered in Nyashinski's signature lyrical prowess that provides a looking glass into Kenyan society by addressing various social issues, while also displaying appreciation to them for their support.

If that's not reason enough to get you all riled up, he is blessing us with a live concert of the album's pre-release live show set to stream on all his platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube) today at 9.30 PM! According to Nyashinski this album is "a dedication to my fans all over the world, so I am inviting them to tune in to the live stream on my digital pages as we also do our part to stay #TogetherApart during this time." Quite the quarantine treat if you ask me but we'll do you one better! After the live concert head on over to MOOKH at 10 PM to get your hands on the masterpiece that is, Luck You.