Mbiginjii Imekulwa Na Ndogii Is Guaranteed To Have Everyone On Their Feet

Nov. 25, 2019

In this digital age, going viral on social media is only a click away. That's how a little girl in Kenya went viral after an audio of her saying "Mbingijii Imekulwa Na Ndogii" started making rounds on WhatsApp. It wasn't long before some Kenyan artists jumped on the opportunity to make a hit using the undeniably hilarious audio. With the Gengetone sound taking over the Nairobi airwaves with witty bars and a beat that will have you itching to get on your feet, you can bet that Kenyans everywhere ate it up! X-Ray King and BREEDER LW released another version of the song and it's just as funny and danceable. See for yourself!

Get it here.