Lisa Oduor-Noah and Rigga Bring You All The Feels On "Good" Thing

Nov. 4, 2019

This is the ultimate break up song. 30 seconds into it and you can already feel the feels. Lisa and Rigga have a back and forth on this track with Lisa trying to move on and Rigga pleading with her to stay but it seems Lisa has made up her mind; she's realized her worth and is no longer willing to put up with his sh*t.

Lisa's sweet vocals and Rigga's smooth vibes feed off each other so effortlessly giving the song the perfect amount of push and pull. Also, Lisa's bars were the one thing I never knew I needed. Hearing her switch up between rapping and singing reminded me of a young Lauryn Hill and I really need her to bring this energy more often. This number needs to get on your "In My Feels" playlist ASAP.

Get "Good" Thing here.