Sept. 17, 2019

As we await for Steph to drop his highly anticipated album, "The Prodigal African", he threw us a bone and blessed us with the FreeSteph EP that features the hard-hitting freestyle, Exposure. In this freestyle Steph comes for the jugular calling out his haters and letting them know he's here to stay and he's coming for the throne.

"I could put the crown down can't nobody take it

They don't beef when they know the stakes"

He leaves no room for anyone to doubt his musical prowess; effortlessly switching up his flow and seamlessly criss-crossing between English and Swahili.

"I got a lot of haters amini usiamini

Wafanyaje bila mimi

Yea I know you niggas need me"

He also speaks on the #PlayKeMusic discussion, letting it be known that Kenyans could take over the music scene if we stop taking our local talent for granted.

"We got stars in the hood that you take for granted

We got stars in the hood, we could run the planet

If they ain't bumping KE then we can't see em

If they ain't bumping KE then we can't feed em"

The Free Steph EP has us at the edge of our seats anxiously waiting for his album "The Prodigal African". If Exposure is anything to go by, it's going to be straight fire.