Brown Shuga Blesses Us with Spicy SZN Visuals

Sept. 16, 2019

Vallerie Muthoni, or as many of you call her- Brown Suga, dropped the visuals for Spicy SZN featuring Taio and LE RU and we must say, it’s giving us all the right vibes. From the wardrobe, to the set, to the dancers the new Spicy SZN video is giving us all the lavish vibes that only Brown Shuga can pull off and no cap, we loved every minute of it. Let me break it down for you. Here are my favorite things about the Spicy SZN video


Let’s just get it straight, the drip in this video is ice cold baby, ice cold. Like Vallerie says in the song she lives lavish, Masego tings and we can see it all over the wardrobe. Her little black number at the end of the song paired with the floral kimono is such a simple look yet so incredibly sexy. That fit will have anyone doing a double take. And don’t get me started on the MIZIZI baseball jerseys. We stan a queen that supports black brands AND is also repping the 254. I’m gonna have to cop me one of those. All round the wardrobe in the Spicy SZN video is A1. Oh, and the hair and makeup are pretty impeccable too.

The Dancers

The video features a dance routine by The Zens dance crew and it’s hella dope. They bring so much energy and life to the video with their simple yet super cool dance moves. And it just feels like everyone is having a grand ole time. Trust and believe that I will be practicing that routine in the mirror until my two left feet are able to pull it off.


There were definitely some familiar faces in the visuals for Spicy SZN. Some of your favorite Kenyan celebs from Shappaman to Barrack Jacuzzi featured in the video. But without a doubt our favorite cameo had to be Karun and her precious son, Prince. Talk about pulling on our heartstrings. Honestly Vallerie Muthoni has to have the coolest crew in town and I can only wonder what it would take for them to let me hangout with them for like a day? Sigh.


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard a couple of bars from Taio and thank God he features on this record; because quite frankly we really miss Camp Mulla and this felt a little nostalgic for us. We love seeing Taio back on the music scene and we can only hope that he will be sending more music our way.

The Set

We love the urban feel that the set brings to the song. The video is shot in a skate park and we see skateboarders doing their thing as the rest of the crew is kicking it at the park. I also totally dig that editing done by the videographer in post evokes a retro feel that juxtaposes with the urban set. The retro feel carries over into the club scene which is giving us all the underground nightclub feels. Welcome to Nu Nairobi.

Spicy SZN is the lead single off Vallerie’s latest EP, Pisces SZN. Overall the video coupled with the vocals make for an impressive project and definitely sets high expectations for whatever she has coming up next. Well in Brown Suga.

Listen to Pisces SZN here.