S1 - Ep 13

OTBpodKe: The Process is the Sieve


The Out The Booth Podcast (OTBPodcast) is a Kenyan podcast produced and hosted by music enthusiast and journalist, Eugene Kimani. The OTB Podcast is dedicated to curating playlists that feature the dopest in Kenyan music and starting conversations around the Kenyan music scene. On this episode called The Process is the Sieve, Eugene talks about Shrap, embracing new music growth as well as playing you the freshest in Kenyan music.

The OTB Podcast is your go-to platform if you are trying to keep up with what's happening in the Kenyan music scene and if you're looking to know who's killing the game right now. You can check out more of the OTB Podcast here. New episodes out every Tuesday!