Oct. 29, 2019

The Music Man's Corner: 5 Projects You Might Have Missed This Year

Here at the Music Man’s Corner, we just loooove music projects. Whether on short EPs or full length ALBUMS, it is a pleasure to sample artist sounds, stories and expressions of their art in ‘unrestricted’ forms. It is only via such projects that tracks that wouldn’t be considered single worthy, or what they refer to as B Side cuts, get to reach the public. Access to an album also allows a listener the freedom to pick the song(s) they most connect with, rather than have a label or A&R’s dictate which song(s) they will or should be impressed by.

Here are 5 dope projects, in no particular order, that you may or may not have missed from an already amazing musical calendar year, enjoy sampling and finding which tracks you really vibe with vs the singles the label and/or artist picked :)


She is back!

Reignition is the perfect opening for all Miss Samz fans, everyone who’s followed her story, talent & promise will want to listen to what she has to say on this KDaGr8 masterfully produced track.

Spoiler - It’s really short


Balaaaaa! This album is so fire; there’s absolutely no question it would sweep best Hip Hop/Rap Performance categories in this region if we had serious music awards. Hello Grammy’s 2019?

Kaa’s one of the best free style MC’s, and that doesn’t always translate to solid music but one needs only look at the heavy weight list of names on the credits for this album to understand in addition to his talent, why the project came out as solid as it did.

Producers: Nje Pro, Sango, Okoth Oyiera & Teknixx

Producer: Kaa la Moto

Recording Studios: Ufuoni Records International, Malindi Records, Kubwa Records & B Records

Mix and Master: Chizn Brain

Album Art: Ciro G

Executive Producer: Kutto "Bantu Pai" Mwagaradi

In his own words, Kesi "is a symphony of Swahili poetry, personable tales of social angst, love and hope, heavy punchlines, rhythm and sheer talent”. No arguments here, not many rappers have the clout nor talent that can convince the legendary Kamaa of Kalamashaka to come out of retirement and drop a fire feature!

Get Kesi here.


An outstanding collection of tracks showcasing her amazing singer/songwriter/bop making skills. It is only a matter of time before Mumbi has a solid hit on the radio waves, the fusion between her African & American influences is refreshing, if not dope.

The reggae intro was a pleasant surprise, instantly added to the Music Man club sets.

Get For The Culture here.


This Canadian Nigerian rapper/singer is everything! No long ting just press play on City Blues and see if you agree. His pen game is craaazy!


While the global attention is on the Afro Beats sound and the focus deservedly on the usual big name superstars (Burna Boy, Davido, Wizkid), a select group of new names are pushing to be included in the playlists and conversations around the sound from Africa. This UK based Ghanaian DJ & Producer has until this year crafted the majority of his legend behind the boards on tracks with big artists such as Mr Eazi, Lauryn Hill, Goldlink, Masego & Tyler, the Creator etc.

His debut album is nothing short of phenomenal, from the features to the production, this project is a perfect example of why the sound is gaining popularity so fast in the West & the Caribbean.

I dare you to not get up and move when Sweetie Odo or Slow Down comes on at a day party with drinks flowing and beautiful people everywhere.