Nov. 11, 2019

The Music Man Drops The Ultimate December Playlist! SLAPS: Kenyan Summer Edition

This week we’re talking BANGERS!! Tracks that have taken the airwaves by storm, colonized playlists & squatted on our charts for the better part of the year. 2019 has seen an incredible amount of quality work by KE artists.

Let’s see: a Re Introduced excitement for the music largely due to the ‘Genge Tone’ movement not unlike what the ‘Kapuka’ era produced, the international success stories that are Sauti Sol, MDQ & Blinky Bill on touring and stages graced on the backs of their albums, especially ‘SHE’ & ‘Just Wingin It & Other Fly Tales’, constant dope music not only from established artists such as Jua Kali, the Kansoul, Fena, Naiboi, Khali, Octo, King Kaka, H_art the Band et al but also from fresh & young talent on the scene e.g the Sol Generation artists, Karun, Xenia, Wakadinali and many many more.

A couple of joints that I thought SLAPPED a bit extra this year include:

SANA SANA - Wangechi ft Scar Mkadinali

A serious contender for collab of the year, if not record of the year in the Hip Hop category. An almost perfect rap/trap record if there was ever such a thing. I was fortunate enough to catch a live performance by the two at MUZE during a Wakadinali show and the energy in the building when Wangechi came out to join Scar for this BANGER went through the roof! You don’t see too many mosh pits, rage circles at performances in Nairobi.

EXPOSURE - Steph Kapela

Another serious contender for record of the year in KE Hip Hop! Steph went so hard on this, only way to complete the track was to add a skit from Carlito’s Way. :D If you’re into all things hip hop you will know that there’s a collection of movies that are reference points for the culture ... From Scarface to Bruce Lee & Kung Fu flicks to John Singleton & Spike Lee directed pictures, Brown Sugar, Paid In Full, etc. The significance of these films can not be overstated! A dope example is on Jay Z’s Fade To Black documentary when Pharrell is explaining to Hov how ‘Carlito’s Way’ is the inspiration behind the track ‘Allure’ that he contributed to the Black Album. My favorite hip hop record of the year!

Now since here at the MUSIC MAN'S CORNER we’re about discovering that DOPE, we put together a number of recent KE SLAPS in a quick freestyle sprinkled with some other fire joints as we ready ourselves for the madness that’s going to be this December, aka the #KenyanSummer aka KeDezemba aka Drinkscember. Please see mix attached below!

*Parental Advisory*

For No Good Reason Tracklist

Intro - Special Request [Shy Glizzy]

Kahu$h - Mi Siwezi

Bank - Boutross ft Barak Jacuzzi

Wrong - Boutross

Mrenga - Wakadinali

Fiti (Too Much) - Marcus Wi ft RaFiiki

On God - Ye the God

Highest in the Room - La Flame

Antisocial - Ed Sheeran ft Travis Scott

Tribe - Jidenna

Days Like This - Gold Link ft Khalid

Die Young - Roddy Ricch

Close Friends - Lil Baby

Ride Good - Light Skin Keisha ft B Smyth

See Me - Xenia Manasseh

Not Today - Xtatic

Falling - Suzziah X Emma Cheruto

Come Thru - Summer Walker ft Usher

Love ... (Her Fault) - Wale ft Bryson Tiller

No Cryin - DVSN ft Future

EA Rockstar - K

Best on Earth - Russ ft BIA

Black Beatles Flip - The Debe Man himself

Issa Vibe - H_Art The Band ft Sauti Sol

Niko Base [Demo] - Red Acapella

Only - Suzziah ft Shappaman

Miss Obi [Nairobi Chune] - Kagwe Mungai

Body Language - Jason Kalinga

Moving - Monski

For EA Girls - Steph ft Tourit

Unavyonipenda - Charisma ft Mbithi