Sept. 26, 2019

You Again

Back in 2011, our house had one laptop that was meant to be shared amongst all five family members. My dad had one rule; don't even think of using the thing unless it was for academic purposes AND you had to seek permission before you even touched it. At the time it felt like he was being hella extra but I get it now, those Safaricom broadband things were extremely expensive. Anyway, the machine sat in a corner of the dining room table, taunting us to use it. The promise of the world wide web and the infinite possibilities it held was almost too much to ignore. So, of course, we spent hours on the laptop going through an endless rabbit hole of content that almost always ended up in the laptop being confiscated for a week or two. In hindsight, I'm not really sure why we spent so much time on the internet; Netflix wasn't a thing yet and we all still got our movies from the DVD guy down the road. Pretty much any time spent on that laptop was spent watching funny videos on YouTube and messaging friends on Facebook while your siblings incessantly nagged you to get off the laptop so they can get to use it before pops got home.

This was pretty much how things went until MTV released a second season of a little show called Shuga. Suddenly, the laptop had a new found purpose. It became the only place we could pop in our Shuga season 2 DVD and watch it without the looming threat that one of our folks would find us and basically throw us out. The telly at that time was meant for two things; the news and whatever telenovela would be showing after. A show about how a bunch of kids from Nairobi going off to uni only to start sleeping around resulting in some very grave consequences was a little more than my folks could handle. For most of us, this was our first introduction to Nick Mutuma. You know, the guy who played Leo? Dated Brenda Wairimu and then cheated with Avril? Yeah, that guy. I digress, Nick has come a long way since his days on Shuga. He has gone on to build a career for himself as a jack of all trades; radio host, tv host and actor. His acting career has seen him play leading roles in the hit show This Is It and the Kenyan RomCom Disconnect. In his latest endeavor Nick makes his debut as a director as well as featuring as the lead actor in the film, You Again.

In You Again, Nick plays the role of an unemployed young man who lands his dream job. The catch? He has to work alongside his ex-girlfriend played by Tanzanian songstress Mimi Mars. The film takes us through a tug of war between the two former lovers as they try to navigate their new careers while simultaneously trying to put their personal history and a love long gone behind them. Or is it? There seems to be a glimmer of hope that the two may rekindle the dying embers of their lost love but we'll have to watch the movie to see how that plays out. One thing is for sure though, this movie is guaranteed to have you in stitches.