Jan. 30, 2020

Tour Du Faso Goes Beyond Winning And Losing, It's About The Experience

Brought to you by My Movies Africa.

When you think about sports in Africa, you think about football, rugby and athletics. But, in Burkina Faso, a different kind of sport takes center stage, cycling. Since the introduction of bicycles (which quickly replaced horses and donkeys) by colonialists, for the Burkinabé, cycling has become a part of their identity. Thus, it’s no wonder that Burkina Faso has become home to the largest cycling event in Africa, Tour Du Faso.

Cutting across the savannah since 1987, Tour Du Faso has attracted cyclists from all over Africa and Europe with the hope of being crowned the Tour Du Faso champions. The documentary shows us local African heroes and their hunger to win, especially having grown up watching the race. We can see their palpable desire to preserve a legacy for the Burkinabé and perhaps even to beat a former colonial master. They go up against French and German cyclists, ex-pros and adventurers looking for a challenge.

In this documentary, the viewer is taken back in time before the commercialization of the sport. Much unlike its European counterpart, Tour De France, Tour Du Faso is almost void of advertising with the exception a handful of hand painted signage and a single vehicle that makes up the advertising caravan. The entire race seems somewhat defective with parts of the track being made entirely of sand. Put up against the seemingly perfect Tour De France, Tour Du Faso appears to shed a light on the African reality. However, it's not the flaws of the African race that are of importance, at the core of this documentary is the experiences of the riders and their desires to win as well as what motivates them. This documentary will have you empathizing with the protagonists and even more than rooting for a winner, you'll find yourself drawn to their personal experiences, anxiously waiting to see where the journey will lead them.

You can watch Tour Du Faso on My Movies Africa and you can catch a screening of the documentary on Tuesday, 4th February, happening at the Alchemist Bar from 8:00 p.m brought to you by My Movies Africa. What better way to spend a Tuesday night than with a movie night and entry is free!

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