Oct. 2, 2019

Reverb: Jamhuri Jam Sessions Come To Karen

Kenya has a rich and extensive history and within the creative space in Nairobi, over the last couple of years, there has been a new found appreciation for this history. Creatives are taking these stories that have been told to us in a colonial voice for years on end, digging deeper into our history, reclaiming it and switching up the narrative by telling these stories in a way that is authentically Kenyan. From traditional legends to our nation’s founding fathers, shows like Lwanda Rockman and Too Early for Birds are giving our history a new voice. New to the list of groundbreaking shows based on Kenya’s history is Reverb.

Brought to you by Xpose and Jamhuri Jam Sessions, Reverb is a musical showcase featuring popular and up and coming Kenyan artists telling stories of Kenyan heroes. It is a scripted show that combines audio-visual elements such as visuals on screens combined with voice overs and music to immerse you in a wholesome storytelling experience.

If you know anything about Jamhuri Jam sessions, then you know you are guaranteed an afternoon of sheer musical bliss. Since, 2015 Jamhuri Jam Sessions have been bringing you both old and new Kenyan artists with some of the smoothest, vibey R’n’B sounds directly into your living room through their YouTube channel. Over the years we have seen them feature some household names in the Kenyan music industry including Steph Kapela, H_art the Band and even Sauti Sol’s, Fancy Fingers. They have come quite a way since their days of jamming in a tiny living room. We’ve seen them put on some great shows during Mama’s Jamhuri Sessions at Nyama Mama which made us feel like we were watching an episode of NPR’s tiny desk. They even went on to organize full on festivals! So, we know that their next endeavor, Reverb, is bound to be an impeccable musical experience. Featuring musical performances by Dela, Nikita Kering and Karun this is set out to be an absolute dream.

The first edition of Reverb will be taking place on October 13th at The Waterfront in Karen. This edition will be telling the story of Mekatilili, a Kenyan female leader, who led the Giriama rebellion against the British Colonial Administration and policies in colonial Kenya. Make sure you grab your tickets to Reverb before they sell out and make your way to The Waterfront in Karen on October 13th for a lovely afternoon of good music and an amazing show.

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