Oct. 11, 2019

perFORM Music Incubator

The Kenyan music industry is undergoing a renaissance of sorts. With the emergence of new sounds and styles as well as insanely talented artists, the industry is reaching for new heights when it comes to talent. Unfortunately, when it comes to the business of music there is a significant gap in the way artists operate.

“Our 10+ years of work with the festivals has led us to conclude that African artists are overwhelmingly operating as start-ups.” -perFORM Music Incubator

While platforms like YouTube and Soundcloud help artist get discovered and build a following fairly easily, the lack of access to the right people to help them achieve long-term success in their careers hinders their development. Artists are forced to take up roles that they are not equipped for, thus, compromising their own musical careers. The incubator is an initiative that is seeking to close that gap.

“The perFORM Music Incubator provides the space for artists to work in teams of their own choice, to define success on their own terms, and to develop the strategies to get there.” -perFORM Music Incubator

With the aim of helping artists to make their ideal live show come to life, the incubator is a six months program that endeavors to see the wholistic growth of the artists involved. Six artists, each with a manager and a PR/Marketing personnel, are selected in a closed call by the perFORM Music Incubator creative director in consultation with Good Times Africa music team. Each of the artists selected is required to have a project (EP/LP/Visual album/merchandize or fashion line) they hope to release within six months of leaving the incubator. Working with industry professionals such as performance coaches, technicians and music business professionals, the artists gain the necessary skills required to become world class performers. Additionally, the process also ensures that the artists selected are educated on the ins and outs of the music business. At the end of the incubator, not only do the artists come out the other side having developed a strategy for their project, but also, for their career growth as an African artist.

Providing the artists with the opportunity to demonstrate the skills acquired during the incubator, it comes to an end with a musical showcase by each of the artists organized by the perFORM Music Incubator. The incubator is taking essential steps to transforming how the music industry in Africa operates. By educating the artists, they are putting the power in their hands and allowing them the opportunity to dictate the path their musical journey takes.

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