Dec. 30, 2019

Oyinkan Braithwaite's My Sister The Serial Killer Proves That Blood Really Is Thicker Than Water

As with every other reader who was part of the reason as to why this book became a New York Times Bestseller, what caught my attention was the title. My Sister The Serial Killer, the title rolls rather uncomfortably off the tongue. A series of words that are grammatically correct but the tension sits squarely on top of them when put together. Because surely, not her sister. The woman on the cover is a modern African woman; a beautiful, modern African woman. So how could this be? Immediately, I chastise myself for feeding into this pretty privilege ideology that forces us to believe that what society considers beautiful is automatically good and should be aspired to. And just like that, I am convinced to dive in to the book. I love a book that challenges any normative ideologies we hold to be true.

“When blood is thicker, and more difficult to get out of the carpet, than water…”

Korede, the book’s narrator, is a nurse at St. Peter’s Hospital. She is responsible and practical and nothing like her sister, Ayoola. Ayoola is gorgeous and a tease. Every man’s dream, aside for her rather inconvenient habit of killing every man that falls in love with her. It’s always in self-defense and it always falls on Korede’s shoulders to get her sister out of the messes she gets herself into.

Korede has just recently helped Ayoola to get rid of her last boyfriend’s body when Ayoola starts dating Tade, a doctor at St. Peter's hospital and the man Korede is in love with. Suddenly, Korede is faced with a dilemma and what appears to be a looming and inevitably tragic end to this story; save Tade and betray Ayoola or sacrifice the love of her life for the sake of Ayoola, her sister and best friend since childhood.

My Sister The Serial Killer sees Korede navigate her relationships which are often haunted by ghosts from her past and shows you just how deep family ties go and how strong the bond between sisters can be. Masterfully giving us humor, suspense and an incredibly intricate storyline, Oyinkan Braithwaite gives us a masterpiece of a first novel and has wondering just how far will Korede go to protect Ayoola?

2019 is almost over and while you’re at home in January, 2020 regretting all the money spent in the month of December, do yourself a favor and get this read to keep you company, you won’t regret it!