Dec. 18, 2019

Our Favorite Kenyan Visuals For The Month Of December

We have all established that this year has been an amazing year for the creative scene in Kenya. Creatives all around the country having been working hard and putting out amazing work. What's even better is the amount of collaboration that has resulted in some of the best creative we have seen in the 254. When it comes to music, we have seen not only some amazing music being made but also, some fire visuals that accompanied the music. Just in the month of December we've seen some visuals being dropped that blew us away and we figured it was only right that we put a lil list together for you guys. So without further ado, here are our favorite visuals for the month of December, 2019.


Matata ft. Lamaz Span K.O.B


Blinky Bill




Tetu Shani


King Kaka