Jan. 15, 2020

Who is Kahu$h And Why Can’t He Stop?

If you've been to the club this past Drinksember (which you probably have) then you're probably familiar with the lyrics, "Na vile shawty ako box, you telling me stop..." and you've probably seen the effect it has on the youth. Every time "Mi Siwezi" by Kahu$h comes on, the kids go wild. It almost seems like the young rapper came out of no where but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Kahu$h has been working on his craft for about 4 years. Constantly grinding to become a force to reckon with in the Kenyan rap game and with explosion of Shrap onto the Kenyan music scene, it appears his time has come. We had a little chat with Kahu$h about his music and what we can expect from him in 2020.

MOOKH: How long have you been making music?

Kahu$h: I’ve been making music for 4 years consistently, stuff from before was just recordings that can’t count as music, lol. I’d say 4 years.

MOOKH: What was your first experience? Were you always a rapper?

Kahu$h: My home had a lot of musical influence when I was younger, my mom used to read poems to me when I was like 4-5 and I think that went a long way. I always rapped though, since before I can remember. I’m a god in ball too though.

MOOKH: How would you describe your sound?

Kahu$h: That's tough. I wouldn’t describe it, just enjoy it.

MOOKH: Who are some of the artists you feel have influenced your sound to what it is today?

Kahu$h: I tend to make my own type of music but influenced by so many. Jason Kalinga, J Cole, Camp Mulla, Young thug, Lil Wayne, Wizkid…etc.

MOOKH: Where were you a year ago?

Kahu$h: A year ago, I was working on music for Soundcloud and in school. Trying to get to Trial and Error from N2D, N2L. Tricky times.

MOOKH: Last year was a good year for you with the release of your EP, Trial and Error, as well as the success of Mi Siwezi. Did you think this is where you would be in a year?

Kahu$h: Haha, thank you, looking back it was a good year. I didn’t expect it at all. It’s like suddenly, doing this is very possible. It's good, lakini bado a lot of work needs to be done.

MOOKH: You just released a new track Chapa Chapa whose sound is a little different from what we’re used to seeing you do. Tell us more about that?

Kahu$h: I’m African, Kenyan and that music is part of my DNA, no two ways about it. It’s beautiful. I have so much music like that in the project.

MOOKH: What has been the best advise you’ve received when it comes to your music?

Kahu$h: The best advice was probably to start taking the music seriously. Haha, I used to send my songs to a few guys and they gave me the extra push to start recording music properly and to do production stuff. Gang.

MOOKH: If you could collaborate with any artist living or dead, who would it be?

Kahu$h: Definitely Jason Kalinga, hands down. We spoke but never had a chance to record. RIP. Talent. GOAT.

MOOKH: What can we expect from you in the near future?

Kahu$h: Expect a lot of new stuff. It's far from the time to rest. An exciting year hopefully! Project out soon. YES SIR!