How To Get Around COVID-19 Anxiety

With more COVID-19 cases being reported globally, the world is continuing to shut down as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic the global community is currently facing. In an attempt to inhibit the spread of the virus, nations all over the world are encouraging their citizens to take on certain practices that will help achieve this goal. From washing your hands and sanitizing to practicing social distancing and self-isolation and most of all STAYING HOME, global citizens are doing their part in flattening the curve. However, in a time of increased connectivity which has allowed us to remain updated on the situation at hand, the reports we are receiving on our screens are increasingly alarming and can seemingly cause more than a little anxiety. Thus, it is important to take a step back and disconnect for a little while. Here are a few things you can get up to while still making sure you are keeping yourself and others safe.

Virtual Fun With Family and Friends

Social distancing may mean that you don't get to hang out with family and friends for a little while but that doesn't mean you can't talk to them and even see them. Take this time to use group video calls to catch up with family and friends and maybe even catch a movie or even a virtual turn up! With Netflix Party you can watch a movie online with friends and thanks to Instagram Live, virtual concerts and DJ sets are now a thing. From Sauti Sol to D-Nice you'll be spoilt for choice on what turn up to attend. Who knows? You may even discover some new talents. A personal favorite has been Tanzanian DJ, DJ Soulful's live sets.

Get Creative

This can be the perfect opportunity to explore your creativity. Whether you're furthering a skill or trying something new, with all the extra time on your hands, you'll find that you can spend a good chunk of it flexing your creative muscles. From crafts to photography to writing to drawing and painting to playing an instrument, there are hundreds of activities you can pick up. So, why not channel all that pent up energy into getting those creative juices flowing?

Catch Up On Some Dope Content

The internet is a world of amazing content that is just waiting to be discovered. Maybe there is a show or movie you've been meaning to watch but haven't had the time or how about that album and/or podcast you've been trying to get around to? Well, here's your chance to get around to that. Also, here at MOOKH and MOOKH Mag we're all about discovering dopeness. So, we've got you covered on all the African sauce.


The gyms are closed and you can't get your daily workout in so back to all that pent up energy, what to do with it? Perhaps burn it... at home? A home workout can help you get your daily dose of fitness while still helping you stay active and kill time. Chances are you're going to end up feeling a lot more relaxed once you've tired yourself out a little with the added advantage of coming out of quarantine with a killer body.

Get Some Quality 'Me Time' In

I know you're probably thinking that you've had enough "me time" to last you a decade but the operating word here is quality time. Take some time out to touch base and get in tune with yourself. Reflect on the past and meditate on the future. Take some time out to do some much-needed planning for what the rest of the year will look like for you. This is the perfect time to figure out where you're at mentally, physically and emotionally and to establish where you'd like to go.