Feb. 27, 2020

Disconnect Paints A Hilariously Perfect Picture Of Nairobi's Dating Scene

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The Disconnect movie was released in 2018 and quickly took the Kenyan film industry by storm. Featuring an all-star cast of Kenyan actors including Brenda Wairimu, Catherine Kamau, Bridget Shighadi, Nick Mutuma, Patricia Kihoro and Pascal Tokodi and produced by the legendary Tosh Gitonga, the director behind the critically acclaimed film, Nairobi Half-life, this was set out to be a hit from the word go.

If you’re young and a part of the Nairobi dating scene then this is definitely a film you can relate to. Disconnect follows Celine, a young woman living in an urban city trying to juggle work, life and her situationships. Her friends believe that she is in love with her best friend, Josh who is also maneuvering the urban dating scene which for him involves a crazy girlfriend who buys herself an engagement ring and proposes to herself. Throughout the film, you come across scenarios and characters that you have definitely experienced as a young person in Nairobi. From Celine’s friends which include TK, the crazy one; Robin, her sister; Judy, the religious one and Preeti the fun one to Josh’s friends, your typical guy squad made up of Otis, the crazy, funny straight shooter; Khalid, the uptight one and Nicholas, the married one.

With the perfect mix of kink and hilarity, Disconnect takes us through the struggles of dating in an urban setting. We follow Seline’s and Josh’s emotional confusion about their feelings for each other and how they find their way through it in true Nairobi-esque fashion, through drunken nights, gossip and support from their friends. Finish the month of love on a high and make sure you check out Disconnect on My Movies Africa, you won’t be disappointed.

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