Oct. 17, 2019

Digital Gallery: Akimana Is Exploring Womanhood And Mental Health In The Most Striking Art Pieces

Photography and make up by @black_athena_

Mamijo is a ball of light and energy. When she walks into a room she takes up space and everyone else adjusts to accommodate her never the other way round. Quick to laughter and always with a smile on her face, she comes across as carefree but upon further engagement with her, you realize there's so much more under that smile. She's been through a lot but somehow, she's come out the other side a more resilient, smiling woman. Her art is a reflection of that. Exploring themes of womanhood and mental health she sends a message of strength and self-acceptance in who you are and everything that you do. - Rahma Seif

Beauty in Depression

Many who’ve seen this piece have instantly loved it. I’ve been told she’s shy, nervous, and all sorts of sweet descriptions.

The truth is, when I painted this I was in a lot of pain. I was in over my head. I had made mistakes that I could not bare to live with the consequences but I had to. I was ashamed that I put myself in positions I could not foresee and I felt my light fade. The touches of color bring this piece to life and represent how truly lifeless I felt at the time. In a drowning cycle there’s no option but to learn how to swim or accept defeat. They say life is about learning but where do those who can’t do it anymore go?

Everyone at one point in time will get depressed. Even when you voice it out, you will still get people telling you that it’s okay. It’s not okay, just be there incase they need you.


My absolute favorite thing to draw is human forms, specifically women. They are the beginning of everything, and they are the center of everything, in my opinion.

One of my most colorful pieces, showing all her curves and beauty. Nature surrounding her, connecting with her. I like to draw nude human forms in color to bring a subtle joy from it’s most natural form. Showing them how I see them. How I see myself.

She Is Art

She is art, she is exactly that. Expressed in a graffiti style, I felt like she, I, as an artist in my every day create the woman I want to be. Those who know me and get to know me know that I am unapologetic, I am no longer afraid of being and expressing my first thought. It has cost me but just as this piece, she's is the artist. She chooses her colors, she creates her own light and the only person she’s interested in being is herself. No matter what she has to sacrifice in the process. You can truly create yourself and the person you want to be or rather the person you choose to become.

Control Your Monster Series

In a time where we’re criticized for all that we do and all that we are it’s hard to be true to ourselves because the world isn’t mentally prepared for individuality. Yet the brave have a constant need and desire to be their best selves and prove that we have everything in check.

Imagine a world where we take control of our monsters, control of our fears. A world where we’re all celebrated for being different and respected even when we’re not understood. This series I created to inspire people and tell them that it’s okay, we all have demons that we don't let out, but what if we did, and took control of them? Let our monsters work for us instead of taking control of us. I’ve learnt the hard way that people only make your problems harder to deal with if you don't allow yourself to accept that some of these struggles we have will give you an advantage in life.

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