Feb. 12, 2020

Celebrating Africa Podcast Day Because We ❤️ African Podcasts

For the past couple of years, podcasts have become increasingly popular around the world and Africa has not been left behind. From all corners of the continent and the diaspora, young Africans on the podcast scene are producing incredible content that is not only entertaining but also encourages both extremely necessary and disruptive discourse amongst their listeners. The scene has never been more vibrant and dynamic and for that the African podcast space deserves to be acknowledged!

Africans have always been incredible storytellers; therefore, it comes as no surprise that there has been a lot of interest in podcasting in Africa and the diapora. As the medium continues to take root in the continent, today we celebrate African Podcasts with the first ever Africa Podcast Day brought to you by the good people at Africa Podfest!

“Africa Podcast Day is a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the myriad of podcasts in Africa that are here and the many to come.” -Africa Podfest

So, for all you podcasters and podcast lovers, here’s a chance to celebrate your love for African podcasts. Using the hashtag #AfricaPodcastDay share your podcast or other African podcasts you love on social media; reach out and connect with other African podcasters you love or maybe even encourage that one friend you’ve always known would be great on a podcast to start a podcast. Let’s all show how much we love podcasts on #AfricaPodcastDay and maybe even indulge a little in some happy hour goodness as you celebrate the day!

Africa Podcast Day is brought to you by Africa Podfest, Africa’s first podcast festival set to take place in Nairobi, Kenya on March 12-13, 2020. Featuring speakers and experts from around the continent, the two-day event is aimed at displaying developments in African podcasting, convene players in the new media ecosystem and boost the production of podcasts in the region. If you are an African podcaster or podcast lover, then be sure to check out Africa Podfest. Get your tickets here!